Matt Forte
“I was always a guy who’s in the gym. I’m a gym rat. But I came to work out with them, it was a lot different, a lot harder. So I thought I reached a peak lifting-wise, I didn’t think there’s anything new I could learn, but they taught me a lot of new stuff. It’s going to help me out this year.” – Matt Forté / New York jets / Pro Bowl

Devin Hester
“I like EFT because you get a great workout! EFT has helped me work hard in getting my body right. The staff are great people and it is always fun to be around there.” – Devin Hester / Atlanta Falcons / Pro Bowl

“I thought that EFT was an excellent choice for me to train. Not only a great place to workout, but also great trainers. Everything was hands-on training that hit all the parts of my body that I needed to strengthen for my upcoming season. The food Elias sent us to was at the top nutrition-wise. Overall, I had a great experience training at EFT.” – Michael Floyd / 1st Round Draft Pick / Arizona Cardinals

“Offseason training away from the team is one of the most important aspects of being a pro, and that is why I go back every year to EFT in Chicago. They helped me from the very beginning, and it is rewarding to see all my hard work put in at one place pay off. When you go there once, you won’t need to choose any other place to train. They have it all.” – Sergio Brown / NFL Free Agent

“EFT has changed me in so many ways. It’s had transformed my body physical through the demanding workouts but has also healed my body with it’s unique techniques. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the work of eft and Elias”
– Darius Fleming / New England Patriots/ Super Bowl XLIX Champion

“I hadn’t worked out for a couple of weeks after the season ended, I came to EFT unannounced and thy gave me all the attention and work that I needed. I felt I was in better shape after only the first few days! EFT knows how to do it! That the place for me!”
–Ian Williams / San Francisco 49ers

“I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be where I am today without EFT. I showed up here in January of 2016 and due to the work and training, my entire body has been transformed. Everything here at EFT is first class and you won’t find another group of trainers that care about you and your future more. Going into OTA’s as a free agent, I feel like I had a leg up on the competition because of EFT. I love it here and I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.”
– Matthias Farley/ Arizona Cardinals

“I tried EFT out and saw extreme benefits my first year out of college. They provided me with serious, knowledgeable, training that helped me to push forward. No workout is easy and EFT is filled with great people and energy. I was victim number 557 after a workout, which means the workout defeated me and I threw up (haha). But, EFT is a place for extreme athletes that train to push themselves to the limit to reach the goals they dream about in life. EFT has helped me recover from surgeries, as well as continue to get my entire body stronger in the process. The trainers and staff are well educated and smart in their training, which is one of the most important factors in training your body at such a high level.”
– Bennett Jackson/ New York Giants

“I felt that EFT was the best place for me to train because it was a group of guys there that actually took developing players seriously. The commitment and time that they put into me made it feel like home and more than just a training facility. It’s nothing like going into a place where it feels like family all around you. EFT has been a family and so much more to me.”
– Rashaan Melvin/ Miami Dolphins

“I chose EFT because I was able to work with trainers who had my personal success at the forefront. Also, being able to work in small personal training groups allowed me to get the most out of my training. The environment at EFT helps you to keep the main focus of the grind but let’s you be you and keep that fun competitiveness.”
– Chris Brown/ Dallas Cowboys


“During my training sessions, EFT gives me the personal attention that I require to improve as an athlete. Upon entering the facility the staff is focused on developing you into a better player as well as maintaining your health throughout your athletic career. There is a family setting that makes it easy to come in and get the most out of your workout.”
– Luol Deng / Los Angeles Lakers/ 2x NBA All-Star

“The best aspect of my experience at EFT is that there are no easy days. The staff at EFT pushes me every day I am in the gym. Not only have they made me a better athlete physically, but, I have grown mentally by realizing I have so much more potential. It is a challenge every time I walk through those doors, but that is only helping me be the best I can be.”
– Maggie Lyon./WNBA Free Agent

“I chose to prepare for my first professional season (in the NBA) at EFT for a couple reasons. One, I take my craft seriously and wanted to challenge and strengthen my body and mind in new ways. Two, I wanted to surround myself with the knowledge and experience that the trainers and other athletes bring on a daily basis. Finally, I close EFT because I felt that the people there were engaged and excited for me as an individual and genuinely wanted to see me succeed.”
– Jimmy Gavin/ Orlando Magic

“When you enter that gym, you will be pushed beyond what you think you are capable of. I know that there was no other place that would push me and help me to pursue my goals of playing college basketball. As long as you are willing to invest yourself in EFT, they will invest themselves in you and push you to be the best athlete you can be!”
– Sarah Boothe, Stanford University Women’s Basketball/ WNBA Free Agent

“I can say without a doubt that EFT has allowed me to make significant physical improvements that has helped to take my career to places I had previously thought to be impossible.I owe a majority of the success I have achieved throughout my career to the work I’ve put in at EFT.”
– Jack Cooley/ NBA Free Agent


“I attribute a lot of my success in the sport of bobsled, to my training at EFT. When I was preparing to pursue bobsled, I trained with all NFL players. I was the only girl, keeping up with so many successful NFL players through some pretty tough workouts. But that grind made me both mentally and physically tough when I went on to participate in bobsled. Within two years in the sport, I won an Olympic bronze medal, and it wouldn’t have been possible without my EFT family. Their knowledge and expertise shows in the workouts, and the family atmosphere shows how much they care about each individual athlete. They genuinely want to see you succeed and have a successful and healthy career.”
– Aja Evans/ Olympic Bronze Medalist


“I like EFT because training here is getting me in the best shape of my life. It gets me ready for the season and trains me in ways I’ve never trained before. EFT is for me! Also, you get JACKED!”
– Christian Friedrich / 1st Round Draft Pick / San Diego Padres

“I started coming to EFT, after my agent and former trainer recommended Elias and his facility. EFT’s training programs have prepared me physically to compete during the baseball season. I like the personal attention provided to each athlete and the unique workouts that are constructed each week.”
Neal Cotts / Minnesota Twins / 2005 World Series Champion

“I immediately knew EFT was the perfect place for me. The trainers made me feel right at home and gave me the push that I needed to get ready for a long baseball season. Their attention to detail and baseball specific workouts made me real happy and confident to start a new year. I can’t thank EFT and all the amazing people there enough for preparing me so well.”
– Mike Brenly, Boston Red Sox


Corporate Clients

“EFT has assisted me in becoming faster and stronger. Supplemented in my training to be physically ready in the military. The training has helped me reach new personal records in triathlons and marathons.”
– Simon Lee

“EFT has the best program for bootcamp! I have been going to EFT since Jan. 2015 and I’ve lost 80lbs and I now go to bootcamp 5 days a week. Bootcamp has made me enjoy working out again, and I am so motivated and encouraged when I attend a class. I love all the EFT trainers and their dedication to making me push to the next level. EFT has changed my lifestyle and I feel like a new person!”
– Barb Brisinte

Adult Program

“EFT has had a big impact in my life. I was in leg braces, used a cane and was 66 lbs heavier a year ago (July 2015) Nichole “Nich” Monhait (EFT trainer) has gotten me a lot stronger, and I haven’t used a cane since Christmas 2015. My insulin injections are now 1/20th of what they were last year. I’m 66 years old, was grossly overweight and EFT has treated me according to my strengths and weaknesses and changed my life.”
– Father Chris Kerhulas

“EFT workouts give you the edge you need to be Greater Than the competition. You earn it and find strength through hard work!”
– Mark Sider / Co-Founder, Greater>Than Sports Drink

“I love coming here (EFT) twice a week for training.I admire and respect the expertise and consummate professionalism of the staff. I enjoy watching world-class athletes preparing themselves; it serves as a constant reminder that one can always do more, work harder, and get better. The only barriers are ones we erect ourselves. And I just can’t tell you how much I enjoy the atmosphere. The staff, the trainers, the athletes: everyone is friendly and welcoming and everyone recognizes that we are all here just trying to get better and stronger with more endurance. Every session is a challenge, but it never gets old. The workout routines are carefully planned with lots of variety and typically both strength and balance to compete. As I get older, I appreciate the importance of working to improve my balance.”
Arthur Muir

Boot camp

“I have been participating in EFT’s boot camp for almost 8 years. I can’t think of a better environment to go to everyday. EFT is more than just a great place to workout. EFT has become my extended family. They care about everyone who walks in the door, from their health and physical fitness needs to just their general wellbeing. I travel a lot for business and pleasure and my biggest struggle when I go out of town is “how am I going to survive without my daily EFT fix?” I know my physical fitness and health needs will change over time, but I am completely confident that I will always be in good hands as part of the EFT community.”
– Tracey Kritt




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