Massage & Laser Therapy

EFT’s Sports Therapy department specializes in specific treatment modalities aimed at treating sports-related injuries and maintaining high level performance during your season and in training. Based on your individual needs, your therapist will decide which modality (or combination of) to utilize to get you back in the game stronger and better than ever.

Laser Therapy: LCT-1000 Class IV Deep Tissue Laser Therapy is a non-invasive treatment using a focused laser beam to inundate areas of pain, weakness, and limited range of motion. Basically, this intense form of heat therapy targets damaged cells, reduces inflammation, and promotes healthy tissue repair. This treatment is recommended for ligament injuries, muscle adhesions, and overall tightness.

Massage Therapy: Massage is important for more than just relaxation. In fact, Sports Massage techniques are generally geared toward injury recovery and prevention. Certain soft tissue techniques can help break up muscle adhesions that may be preventing full range of motion or causing pain with movement. Other techniques increase circulation causing the body to send important reparative cells into injured structures, like ligaments and joint capsules, improving recovery time. Even other techniques focus on compensation patterns post-injury. Massage therapy is recommended for any and all sports-related injuries.

Fascial Stretch Therapy: Stretch to Win – Fascial Stretch Therapy® (STW-FST®) is a complete, full body manual therapy and movement training system. FST targets the nervous, muscular, and fascia systems of the body. FST is great for chronic pain management, mobility & wellness, and athletic performance. FST treatments result in immediate nervous system re-education and integration to eliminate poor movement patterns to help you maintain new, better ranges of motion. By re-educating the nervous system and how it responds, FST is able to change how pain-causing nerves fire. Use an FST session to open up your facial nets, lengthen your muscles, and promote better circulation. FST is recommended to treat chronic pain, limited mobility, and post-surgery recovery.

Cupping: Cupping is a time-honored, effective modality designed to use suction to release myofascial adhesions, improve blood flow, and assist lymphatic drainage. The term “myofascial” is used when referring to the connective tissue surrounding muscles and other structures. If the muscles irritate the surrounding connective tissues enough (through repetitive movement, etc.), adhesions form which can restrict movement and create pain. From a sports therapy approach, cupping helps to pull the connective tissue up and away from the underlying muscle tissues to allow for unrestricted functioning. Cupping is recommended for myofascial dysfunctions, chronic pain, detoxification, and orthopedic conditions.

Compex Electrostimulation: Compex ® Wireless USA radiates radio frequency energy (or electrotherapy) with the intent to stimulate healthy muscles in order to improve or facilitate muscle performance. Benefits of using such a device include improving muscular quality without cardio-vascular or mental fatigue with limited stress on the joints and tendons. The quantity of work by our muscles is actually greater than if we were to fire the same muscles alone due to the fact that more muscles fibers are being recruited to do the same action. This is a great adjunct to strength training.

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